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Sheepwash Derbyshire Eventide
(Photo taken at East of England show 2012. She was also placed 3rd at the Horse of the Year show 2012, being the highest placed female)
 Sheepwash Derbyshire Eventide
(Horse of the Year Show 2011)
North Country King
(Horse of the Year Show 2010)
Cowerslane Angie’s Surprise & Cowerslane Imperial
(Horse of the Year Show 2009)

Jim Yates belongs to one of the Shire world’s longest established families. He farms with his wife Sue at Farnah House Farm, Duffield in Derbyshire, where they concentrate on Shire Horses and sheep. His families long association with the breed has given him wide experience of the top blood lines and his belief in the old families are still reflected in some of the Shire Horses at his farm today. The Yates prefix for all home bred animals is well know – ‘Cowerslane’. As well as breeding, Jim delights in buying promising youngsters, schooling many of them himself to showing or working standard and selling them on. He has been a Shire Horse Society council member for around 30 years and has served a number of years on both the Society’s Executive and Editing and Training committees

Jim normally has around fifteen shire horses on the farm at any one time, including his show horses, breeding stock and of course some for sale. He has also been exporting for a number of years, all around the world.

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